$50 A SET (One on each side)

Panic Release Lockdown System

Most home break-ins occur through basement windows. Get added protection for your home with Panic Release Lockdown System! This system secures your window well cover to the well and prevents unwanted access to your home. If there is ever an emergency, and you need to escape out of your window well, simply release the clasp and push the cover off. We don't just do one lockdown in the center of the well, we do one on each side!


3-STEP                           4-STEP                            5-STEP                             6-STEP OR MORE

  $55                             $65                               $75                                   $85+

Window Well Escape Ladders

Basement window well escape ladders are required on new homes with basement window wells. In addition, they provide peace of mind for concerned parents that have children living in the basement. If there were ever an emergency, parents would know that their children would be able to escape from the basement easily. Install window well escape ladders on your home today and enjoy the comfort of knowing you're even more protected. All of our window well cover accessories are build to last.