Julie G.                    01/13/2016
This is one of the best company's I have had do work for us.When they cam out to measure our window's they were very professional and informative. I had a lot of questions and they took the time to answer them.The quality is the best we have seen with the powder coat finish,and perfect fit.Thank you for a job well done.

Customer Service, quality, thoroughness from the kind lady who answered, to the young man who delivered the covers. Both were kind and happy! The covers look beautiful and well made. Thank you!


                              Sept. 11, 2016
Other, thoroughness, quality, customer Service the new window covers look great! Please call me, I would like to have you build 3 more.

Susan F.                    01/04/2016               I love the lockdown system on my new window well covers and the ladders that are included so we could climb out in case of a fire. The staff was very professional and prompt in getting back to me and answering all of our questions.

We can do a lot more things then what Diamondback has listed. So give us a call and let's see what we can do for you!

What We Can Do For You!

Custom Service
Household Items:
* Bicycle Frames & Exercise Equipment
* Barbeque Grills
* Patio Furniture
* Bunk Beds & Metal Toys
* Lawn Ornaments
* Light Fixtures & Curtain Rods
* Virtually Any Other Items around Your House

Specialty Items:

* Railings
* Gazebos
* Outdoor and Indoor Structures
* Small Machine Components
* Other Industrial or Ornamental Components
* Welding and Fabrication Services

*Carport Canopies

Miscellaneous Services: 
* Architectural Structures Such As Gazebos and Archways
* Spiral and Other Staircases and Hand Railings
* Custom Trailer and Repair
* Custom Pots
* Containers and Boxes
* Truck Beds
* Cab Protectors
* Truck Boxes
* Mobile Gas Tanks
* Mobile & On-Site Welding Services
* CNC Plasma Cutting
* Mobile Crane Service
* Sawing
* Shearing
* Bending
* Cutting
* Punching and Notching

Powder Coating Services:
* Abrasive Blasting
* Chemical Washing and Etching
* Masking
* Electrostatic Powder Coating
* Thermo Plastic
* High Heat & High Temp Electro Static

* Automotive Components
* Frames
* Bumpers & Chassis Parts
* Truck Beds
* Truck Components
* Hubcaps
* Wheels & Valve Covers
* Brake Systems
* Door Handles & Trailer Hitches
* Industrial Equipment
* Structural Steel
* Stair Cases & Railings
* Cabinets
* Shelves & Tool Boxes
* Trailers
* Truck Beds & Plow Blades

​Devin B.                             03/18/2016

Couldn't be happier. We bought the window well covers on a promotion, so we got custom fit covers for slightly more than the one-size-fits-all covers. The service was fantastic. The sales person even sent me a picture message to show me the colors. The installer called twice before he came to measure, and twice before he came to install (the day before and the day of). The covers themselves are built to last, and the fit perfectly. If you have been waiting to buy window well covers, now's your chance!!Type your paragraph here.

​Outstanding service and workmanship. They took a problem, came up with a solution and then produced and excellent product. Can't wait to have them do something else.

Janeal N.           09/01/2016

​I love this company! They were very professional, and made our window well covers in a timely manner. They made sure that everything was done to our satisfaction, and when we had a concern about one part of the process, they went above and beyond to fix it. Jason came out to our home to install the covers, and I was impressed with his attention to detail, friendliness, and concern for our approval. I always knew exactly when they were coming to our home, and they were on time...it was refreshing not to have to wait around for someone to show up! I would highly recommend Diamondback Manufacturing.

Kindra S.                03/28/2016

When it comes to window well covers, Diamondback is the place to go! I absolutely LOVE the custom ones that they made for me. They fit perfectly, look nice and are very sturdy! The customer service is also great! Everyone that I've talked to has been so helpful and friendly! These guys are the BEST!